Banana Extravaganza


There’s a heat wave coming through Santa Barbara which means baking is a definite no-no (for now…muahaha). So I wanted to show you guys a few snacks that I’ve been making throughout this summer that are perfect for hot weather.

These all involve bananas–I can’t eat bananas whole but they work so well for little snacks like these! When you mash up bananas and freeze them, they adopt a consistency that kind of resembles ice cream–in other words, they become absolutely delicious. Here are my Banana Bites, PB & Banana-wiches, and Banana Oat Clusters! (I apologize for the names…it’s hard to be creative with these things).


Banana Bites:


These are super simple. Slice up a banana (make sure it’s ripe!) and use a dollop of peanut butter to make little sandwiches. Pop them in the freezer and you have a quick, healthy fix on the run.

PB & Banana-wiches:


Full disclosure: the PB & Banana-wiches I make are slightly different than these ones. Basically instead of Ritz crackers I use graham crackers…both are yummy 🙂 For these you first mash up a banana and spread it across some Ritz crackers (I used the original kind because it was all we had in the cupboard, but using the whole wheat kind would be slightly healthier). Then you spread peanut butter on more Ritz crackers. Make little sandwiches and place them in the freezer. I sometimes have these for dessert because they actually taste like mini ice cream sandwiches!

Banana Oat Clusters:


Another simple recipe: mash up a banana and mix in a couple handfuls of old-fashioned oats. Add enough oats so that you can form slightly squishy balls (cringe) from the mixture. Add in your desired amount of shredded coconut–sweetened or unsweetened–and chocolate chips. Roll into balls and place in the freezer. These are especially nice because they wont start melting in your hand like the Banana Bites do when they’ve been sitting out for a few minutes.

As you can see, I made a batch of all three of these snacks with the 3 bananas I had on my counter. Not too shabby.



*Note: for all 3 of these recipes, you want to make sure the bananas you’re using are ripe. Now, go bananas (had to, sorry)!


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