Chocolate Coconut Oil Cookies

I’m back! Feel like I’ve been MIA for ages. I’ve been busy “working” at a beach volleyball camp for the past couple weeks in addition to the bread store (although it closed for business about a week ago…whoops). Also it’s been really hot out so the idea of baking–especially after literally baking in the sun earlier in the day–hasn’t sounded too appealing. But I did come across these cookies that sounded so scrumptious I had to give it a go. Here are my Chocolate Coconut Oil Cookies!


For the past couple weeks I’ve been cutting dairy out of my diet (doctor’s orders). I’m basically testing to see if I have some sort of intolerance to dairy. So yeah, suuuper fun. My point is that there aren’t many baked goodies out there that don’t have butter (sadness). My desserts have pretty much consisted of dark chocolate and this delicious peanut butter freezer fudge.

Anyways, I finally found these chocolate chip cookies that are pretty standard except that they use coconut oil instead of butter, so they are completely dairy-free–yippee! These are so simple and smell SO. GOOD. It’s like coconut-chocolate heaven. They’re thick and chewy and don’t taste as heavy as cookies made with butter. Definitely worth the time spent in a hot kitchen!



These were very popular among my family and friends. I’m thinking that this’ll be my new go-to cookie recipe, coconut oil is so much easier to work with than butter or shortening!




Thanks to Gimme Some Oven for the recipe! You’ve made my dairy-free world much easier to manage 🙂


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