Rustic Peach Pie w/ Almond Crumble

Let me start off by saying that making this pie was really, really messy…but it was also really, REALLY worth it! I don’t have much experience making pies, but when I came across this recipe on Pinterest–and saw how juicy the peaches in the picture looked–I couldn’t resist. And it actually came out way better than expected! So, introducing my Rustic Peach Pie with Almond Crumble:


This recipe called for sliced almonds which I sadly didn’t have on hand, so I had to make a quick run to TJ’s to pick some up. Instead of plain sliced almonds I decided to try out these Honey Roasted ones that sounded superb (spoiler: they are indeed superb and are very addicting). Oh, and the ripe, juicy peaches that simply scream summer weren’t so shabby either.



Rolling and shaping the dough for the pie crust was pretty fun, but in hindsight I probably should have worn an apron. I’m talking Flour. Everywhere. Some even ended up in my hair and I don’t even know how that’s possible. I kind of had a #tbt Demi Lovato in Camp Rock moment:

camp rock flour face

Anywho, once I got through that messy step it was basically a matter of layering the peach slices onto the dough (see picture above–no, the one before Demi) and sprinkling the almond crumble on top. Pretty sure I was supposed to make the crust bigger so that the pie wouldn’t be as thick but…oh well. Still looks and tastes great!



Here’s a failed attempt at trying to get a picture of the inside of this pie (don’t laugh):



Mmm, warm peaches with a flaky and buttery crust! I suppose topping a piece of this pie with some whipped cream might be good idea…although whipped cream is always a good idea 😉 Yeah about that summer bod….



Thanks to Celebrating Sweets for the recipe! I, too, am always celebrating sweets ❤


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