Brownie Crunch Cookies

Hey ya’ll! I was long overdue for some good ol’ baking so I decided to make these scrumptious cookies. Warning: there is a secret ingredient (although you can probably guess by the title) that makes these cookies dangerously addicting! Introducing my Brownie Crunch Cookies:

photo 2 - Copy (2)

I haven’t spent that much time in the kitchen these past couple weeks…or at home at all, really. Truth is, I’ve been at the beach playing volleyball almost every day–what else would I do with beautiful weather like this? Unfortunately, that much sun exposure also brings sunburns and blisters, but hey it’s worth it.

Oh right, back to the cookies. I was able to carve a little chunk of time out of my day yesterday to bake these and I’m so glad that I did. And regarding the “secret” ingredient: I was starting to add chocolate chips to the cookie dough when an idea dawned on me–what if I added Brownie Brittle to the dough?? So I crushed a few pieces and mixed it in, and the result was a soft, chewy AND crunchy chocolate chip cookie *cue salivating*. This is the Brownie Brittle I’m talking about:

photo 3 - Copy (3)
~ Available at a Costco near you ~

photo 1 - Copy (4)

So basically these were very, very good. I’m not going to reveal my chocolate chip cookie recipe (it’s top secret, sorry) but I’d highly recommend adding in some Brownie Brittle to your next batch of cookies. Side note: I’m kind of known for adding random ingredients to cookie dough–ranging from acai berries to Cinnamon Toast Crunch…guess I can add Brownie Brittle to the list!

photo 1 - Copy (3)

photo 3 - Copy (2)

Brb going to the beach, adios!


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