Walnut-Blueberry French Toast

Good morning world! Well, it’s still morning for me. At 12pm. Hey, it’s my day off from work and I’m going to take advantage of it, dammit! Anyways, here is this morning’s fancy-shmancy breakfast: Walnut-Blueberry French Toast!


Before I go any further, I wanted to note the weather this morning. It was beautiful out–sunny, clear skies, slight breeze. How could I not eat outside with weather like this? Summer, I love you ❤

Not pictured: the grass under those bushes that’s gradually browning in my backyard. Thanks, drought!

Okay, now back to the food. One perk of my job is that I get to bring home free bread and pastries every so often. A few days ago I brought home a fresh-baked Walnut Country loaf from work–it’s basically a regular sourdough bread with walnut pieces inside. And as a full supporter of the diet-starts-tomorrow diet, I wanted to trying using it to make french toast! I also nuked some frozen blueberries to make this pseudo-syrup, and topped the whole dish with powdered sugar (yes, that is powdered sugar NOT cheese…I know the picture is bad).



The french toast was actually pretty darn good. The walnuts gave it a different (and yummy) taste, and the blueberries and powdered sugar kept the dish sweet but not overly sweet. Paired with my morning coffee and some laid-back tunes, this french toast was the perfect start to my day!




Now I’m tempted to try making french toast with the Fig Masala bread I also recently brought home from work. Although I’d have to do some research on what topping(s) would go well with Fig Masala, hmm…

IMG_1941 IMG_1943

Well that’s all for now, I might take advantage of the weather and hit up the beach later. Have a great day! 🙂


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