Irish Cream Cake Balls

Okay, I really went balls out for this one (sorry, had to). But really, making these cake balls was an all-day operation. B what else was I supposed to do on a foggy June day? Even though I labored over these for hours, it was so worth it! So behold, my newest creation: Irish Cream Cake Balls!


I got this recipe from another book of mine called Cake Balls: Amazingly Delicious Bite-Size Treats. When read that this recipe included Bailey’s Irish Cream, I knew I had to try it! (Plus I was really craving some good ol’ dark chocolate.)

Making cake balls is really quite easy, there are just a lot of steps involved. First, you bake a cake then let it cool. Then you mash it together with frosting until it reaches a dough-like consistency.

IMG_1880  IMG_1898

Next you form the dough into balls and freeze them for a couple hours. After that, it’s time for dipping! I used almost all 24 oz. of chocolate the recipe called for and it got pretty messy. Chocolate. Everywhere. Which isn’t the worst thing in the world if ya know what I mean.


And finally, after decorating the cake balls with some clear sprinkles, here’s what the finished product looked like!



These are so freaking good. The inside of these cake balls taste like subtly Irish cream-flavored cookie dough and trust me, it’s really hard to refrain from eating the whole tray. The finely-chopped pecan pieces add the perfect amount of chewiness to the smooth texture of this decadent dessert. I could gush about these all day (which is basically how long it took to make them)!




Shout out to my friends who brought this recipe book back for me from New York a couple years ago! You guys rock ❤

Well that’s all folks–stay tuned for some birthday cake making (mine’s on Saturday whoot whoot)!


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