Raspberry-Blueberry Freezer Bars

It was a bit too hot yesterday (82 degrees!) to bake, so I decided to whip up these refreshing freezer bars instead. They’re surprisingly easy to make, but they are time consuming…especially if you forgot to defrost the raspberries and blueberries beforehand like I did. Whoops.


I keep seeing these raw/vegan/gluten-free bars on Instagram–mostly these delectable ones from Pana Chocolate–and I was intrigued by how cute and bite-sized they were. Like the Glazed Apple Pie Cookies from my last post, these freezer bars are pretty darn healthy. They mostly consist of berries, oats, and some maple syrup and coconut oil here and there. In other words, these are perfect for munching on when it’s hot out!

There were 4 layers in these sweet thangs: base/oat layer, blueberry layer, oat layer, and raspberry layer. The berry layers definitely took the most time because I had to puree the berries in addition to making oat flour.

IMG_1777   IMG_1779

*Tip: Pressing the layers on top of one another is a lot easier if you wet your hands before–makes things much less sticky!

The bottom layer is also pretty thin and delicate, so I think the next time I make these I’ll double the amount to make the base a little thicker. Plus it’s kind of similar to a graham cracker crust, and you can never have enough graham cracker crust. 🙂

IMG_1786   IMG_1806

After letting the bars freeze for about an hour, I garnished them with shredded dark chocolate (duh) and ta-da! So pumped about how well these turned out. I HIGHLY recommend these–they’re so yummy and addicting (and aren’t they pretty?). If you want a dessert on the lighter side, these are for you!


IMG_1794  IMG_1796

Thanks Petite Allergy Treats for the recipe!


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