Well hello there!

Hey world, my name is Andie and I’m just an ordinary 18 year-old gal who loves all things food. Baking is my specialty (I bake to de-stress, procrastinate, have a legitimate reason for eating raw cookie dough, etc.), but I’m hoping to improve my cooking game as well. My reasoning behind creating this blog is to document any and everything interesting I make in the kitchen this summer!


I’m just finishing up my first year at UC Berkeley, and if I’ve learned one thing from living in the dorms (besides not asking questions about strange noises coming from other people’s rooms), it’s how frustrating it is to not have access to a kitchen. After months of living off of dining hall food *shudder*, Think Thin bars, and sad attempts at microwave egg omelettes, I’m more than ready to return home to my beloved oven, stove, and pantry full of baking supplies.

To clarify, I’m not the best baker or cook. I routinely mess up recipes and often leave utter disasters in the kitchen to clean up. But I do love food. And so, despite my lack of expertise in the baking/cooking field, I continue to try out intriguing recipes just for the hell of it. I’d also like to note that I don’t usually create new recipes; I’m more accustomed to borrowing ones from other people (mostly people famous in the food blogosphere–such as my dear friend Sally). So I’ll make sure to post the link to the original recipes to give credit where it’s due! (And so you can see how the recipe was supposed to turn out).

girl cookingIn the coming summer months, expect weekly semi-frequent posts on some of my favorite concoctions (old AND new), as well as random fun summer things I feel like writing about. Hopefully this keeps me accountable…I’d love to look back on this later in life when I’m making countless PB & J’s for my kids and rushing them off to school and think: wow, this is when my training for becoming the ideal housewife began!

All jokes aside, I hope you enjoy this blog and (maybe) feel inspired to give some of these recipes a shot!

P.S. I also enjoy writing poems, so feel free to check out my other blog: https://thisandthatandratatat.wordpress.com/


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